I am so sorry for this comic lord forgive my sins

by the way, I didn’t make up those texts

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seeing people hate on a character you can relate to the most


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we have lived in fear, and our fear has betrayed us
but we will overcome the apathy that has made us
because we are not alone in the dark with our demons
and we have made mistakes but we’ve learned from them

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The Oh Hello’s - Hello My Old Heart

Hello my old heart
How have you been?
How is it being locked away?
Don’t you worry, in there you’re safe
And it’s true, you’ll never beat, but you’ll never break

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The Oh Hello’s | Cold is the Night

many are the days I’ve wanted to cease
lay myself down and find some relief
heavy is the head that gets no sleep
we carry our lives around in our memories

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dying is taking too long

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ok i seriously need to see more fat characters and people in media that arent perceived as a walking talking joke. give me fat characters that are proud of their fatness, that dont feel the need to lose weight. give me fat characters that are sexually active and not ashamed of it and perceived and…

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