Okay so I saw this post again, and I think it really needs to be addressed. 

Posts like these are NOT okay. This isn’t going to save anyone. If someone’s really at the point where they’re going to take their own life, do you really think that reblogging a post from them is going to do anything? Someone who is willing to go that far is not going to be put off by reblogging a post from them and it’s extremely offensive that people would actually think this. “Disappointed in whoever scrolls past this”? Maybe you should be disappointed in the people who actually do reblog this and think it’s an okay substitute for comforting someone who’s suicidal. Minimizing such a severe issue is disgusting and shouldn’t be treated like this at all. People on this website have such a severe need to “save” people, and it’s just so, so ridiculous. Don’t reblog a post from someone. Don’t just give them a note on a goddamn post. Talk to them. Make sure that they’re okay. If you really want to “save a life” and sate this sickening need to be the hero and rescue us helpless ill individuals, actually put some effort forth and talk to people. Because this? This post won’t save anyone. At least not in the long run.

Stop romanticizing suicide like its some little problem that you can fix with the click of a button.

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